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Clash of Clans 113 - Wall Breakers Spotlight

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In this episode of Clash of Clans 113, Wall Breakers are spotlighted and discussed about their abilities & how to use them effectively.For those interested in the statistic of individual troops go to Wallbreaker this youtube channel and to my video as well for deleted videos taken long time ago to see how bad I was hehe me as friend to...

Clash Of Clans | Let"e;s Build TH2+3+4 bases | Clash of Clans Base design...

Watched 38 times

I last did a clash of clans base design series way over a year ago so I figured let"e;s get them up to date - the early bases TH2 TH3 TH4 have not changed much since then but our understanding of how to defend and the likely attackers has. So check this out it"e;s really for the early days - remember them in CoC? Life Was a LOT simpler then - upgrades in a day fill the storages in a raid - aaaah the good old days :) Anyway enjoy and don"e;t forget to let me know in the comments if you would do...

TH 10 GOBONER | 3 Star and Failed Attack Assessment | Clash of Clans

Watched 38 times

Welcome back Fellow Clashers! Today I bring some TH 10 content to assist you to gain some better ideas on how to use the bowlers and miners to either 2 or 3 star other TH 10s with you clan wars. I bring different base levels and base types, all with one common thing, the inferno towers. I cannot express enough that TH 10 is advanced gameplay. It is not supposed to be easy. I do my best to get detailed and show proper funneling and poor funneling in two different replays. I hope I am able to show off...

Clash of Clans TH10 GoValks 3 Star Attack

Watched 36 times

Clash of Clans 3 star TH10 mass valkyrie attack guide. This video will show you ways to do a mass Valk attack and ways to defend again it. GoValk Tornado Attack for a quick sweep for 3 stars. Ideas on how to make your war base Anti-Valk.Subscribe to Clash of Clans Tutor on YouTube: to this video: sure to subscribe and get updates for Clash of Clans tutorials, strategy guides,...

Clash of Clans - What to Upgrade Next? TH10 Guide

Watched 27 times

What upgrades should I work on first at TH10? What should I upgrade next?Twitter: Ahrix - NovaDisfigure - BlankJim Yosef & Alex Skrindo - Passion